Late Summer Journey, Day 4, Sept. 2nd

Another dreary start to the day! Outdoors it was once again raining with low clouds. Inside it was a typical Holiday Inn Express breakfast. Babs and I both ate instant oatmeal with sausage patties mixed into it.

It took us a little over an hour to drive down Rte 321 from Blowing Rock, down the mountain to Valdese, NC. That included a quick dash through old time Blowing Rock. We used to go to the blowing rock, hence the source of the name of the city, where you throw paper off the rock and it will blow back to you. Nowadays, one has to pay $6 for the privilege of having your trash blow back at you.

Fortunately, the farther down the mountain, the clearer the weather. We even saw a little sunshine now and then.

For lunch, Babs and I shared last nights leftover bar-b-q. It really was as good then as it was last night at dinner.DSC00317


We sat around and caught up with my baby sis, who for the next month and 4 days will be the same age as me.DSC00318

Six or seven years ago she intentionally shed over 100 pounds. Now we are trying to fatten her up a little.

After church tonight she took us to Tex’s Fish Camp for dinner. It is really a place to go for down home food. Babs had a fish platter and Dolores & I both had the large bone in catfish dinner. Here are our (Babs & Doe’s) leftovers. I ate all of mine!


My critic was to sleepy at the time to read my blogs before I published them. When time was taken too actually read blogs from Day 1 and 2, the following errors were noted. First, it is Skyline Drive, not Parkway. Second, “Pigs” Rock’s real name is Crescent Rock, not Sow’s  Rock. There were probably more but these jumped out!

Tomorrow we’ll be here or near Valdese.

Babs Says: The radio in the car scrolls song titles and artist as a song is playing. Several times I tried to identify an artist and it would say Harvey Relief. I kept thinking that was someone.I had not heard of. After hearing several songs by this Harvey fellow, I realized  it was an appeal for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.









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