Late Summer Journey, Day 1, August 30th

Today is Wednesday and the rain that we were getting all day yesterday finally stopped late last night. When we awoke, it was a pleasant 59 degrees with low humidity. While Babs had her physical at the doctor’s office, I made some last-minute purchases from Safeway.

We finally got onto the road around 12:45pm, stopping again for a quick gas stop and a “to go” lunch at McDonald’s. We elected to go to Shenandoah National park via Rte. US 340 rather than using the Capital beltway and Rte. 66. It took  us about 2 hours to make it to the North entrance to Skyline Drive.


Our first stop was the Dickey Ridge visitors center where they said bears were active. This one’s stuffed!

Babs plan was to stop at every overlook with a view and take a photo. There were beautiful yellow flowers, which looked like miniature black eye Susan’s, all along the road.

Butterflies were everywhere!

The day started out hazy but cleared as the sun burnt off the clouds. Babs took photos at every overlook that we stopped at. Here are the fruits of her labors.

After passing the east entrance to the park, we went through a short tunnel through solid rock. Exiting the tunnel there was a view of the valley toward Northern Virginia.

We are spending the night at Skyland Lodge. On the way we continued to stop at overlooks for photo ops. Can you see “Stoney Man Rock”?

We  saw only a few other travelers. Even the critters were scarce. We have seen only a few deer, a squirrel, a chip monk, and buzzards! Here, Babs poses on a large outcrop of rocks. This was one of the rare instances where we met other sightseers.

We checked into our room around 4:30pm. I spent the next hour trying to get the internet connection to work. I had almost given up and the internet connection miraculously connected! Boy is it slow!

We had dinner in the lodge dining room. I had roast turkey and Babs roast chicken. We took our obligatory dinner photos. I discarded mine because my eyes were closed. Babs cleaned the bones!


The clouds were beautiful, threatening rain which never materialized.

Tomorrow, we continue south on Skyline drive toward the Blue Ridge Parkway and Roanoke, VA. Hopefully we’ll see more critters.

Babs Says:The doctor says you are healthy as a horse. Is that good or bad?

Being in the quiet, peaceful mountains of Shenandoah, I’m in my happy place.


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