Alaska to Seattle, Day 12, June 20, 2017

Today we slept until 7 am and then went to breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, we did some repacking and then waited until 11 am to take the shuttle to the airport.

We had the TSA Pre security boarding status which makes it a breeze to go through airport security. At 12:45 we boarded the United Airlines 737 airplane which was one of the majority of their airplanes which was reconfigured with an additional 2 rows (12 seats). This change results in seats where your knees are wedged against the seat in front of you without that passenger reclining their seat. Welcome to the new and improved United cattle car plane! To add insult to injury, the passenger seated in front of me who had his seat reclined pushed back on his seat just as I was served hot coffee. The result was me getting a bath of hot coffee.

I can’t fault the cabin crew who were excellent or the pilots that got us to Dulles early with a smooth landing. However, once my carrier of choice for long distance is now totally off of my list of choices because of their cattle car mind set.

This was a good trip which will yield lots of fond memories but I’m glad I’m home. A big thank you to our son Chuck who was good enough to pick us up from the airport and bring us home.

Babs Says: I thought I was going to have to get the smart phone out to record another ruckus on a United Airlines plane after Frank got the hot coffee spilled all over his front. It was settled peacefully after apologies offered.


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