Alaska to Seattle, Day 11, June 19, 2017

This morning Fred went out earlier and picked up some freshly made bagels that were delicious. Babs who usually only eats a half a bagel, ate a whole bagel plus a quarter! I also had some very tasty vanilla yogurt.

After eating breakfast, we loaded up our cars and headed out for Fred & Shannon’s Seattle condominium where we will catch up with other mutual friends Paul & Mary Fleming. In addition to being pilots in Vietnam at the same time, Fred & Paul were groomsmen in our wedding and I was best man in Paul & Mary’s wedding.

To get to their place in Seattle, we had to take a 15 minute ferry ride that we had to wait an hour to board. We arrived at their beautiful, spacious condominium which was on the buildings top floor. The condominium had floor to ceiling windows which provided a gorgeous view of the harbor, canal, and locks that transport boats in the canal Puget Sound to Washington.

Fred & Shannon fixed a terrific lunch capped off with hot strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream.

Babs took a liking to Shannon’s figurine collection.


After lunch, we took some group photos and then said our thanks & farewells.

It was after 5 pm when we headed out so Fred drew us a map and directions to get to our hotel without getting onto I-5 which is very congested at rush hour. We took a wrong turn and found ourselves in the traffic jam near the baseball stadium where the Seattle Mariners team was playing. However, we did see a piece of Seattle skyline, it’s Ferris wheel, and a glance of Mt. Rainier.

After checking into our hotel, I returned our rental car to the airport car rental center. There I caught the hotel shuttle back to the Hampton Inn.

We walked a short distance from our hotel to Dave’s Diner where we had a relaxing dinner of comfort food.

Tomorrow we fly home!

Babs Says: What happens when you get 3 Vietnam Helicopter pilots together? Funny stories, old memories, lots of laughs, and good times.




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