Alaska to Seattle, Day 10, June 18, 2017

This morning they Island ere is plenty of liquid sunshine. We ate breakfast at the hotel then began our drive to Ebey Island National Historic Preserve. Of course we started out heading the wrong way and didn’t realize our mistake until the road dead ended. Along the route was the Deception Pass bridge.

We turned around and after a couple of more stumbles found one of the properties in the Preserve, Fort Casey. Fort Casey was a coastal defense artillery battery with 3, 6, and ten inch guns.


This is something I always saw lighting the sky to bring attention to a grand opening or event. For those who don’t recognize it, it is a carbon lamp aircraft search light used in WWII.


It was pouring down rain so we decided to just visit the lighthouse which was adjacent to the battery.

Inside the lighthouse were exhibits of the various lights that the lighthouse used in its tower, quilts,  the light keepers uniform, and the artillery shells shot from the battery’s guns.

Perched in a treetop in front of the light house was this owl just soaking up the rain.


We left Fort Casey and drove to Whidbey Island to the town of Langley where my friends Fred & Shannon have their island house. We had not eaten lunch so Fred prepared an incredible lunch of cheese and specialty crackers and salmon and cheese on wafers. It seems as though Fred has developed into a restaurant class chef because Shannon broke her leg and couldn’t get around.

After lunch, Fred showed us around town. It is a really quaint town that Fred knows well having been both Mayor and Superintendent of Schools. We visited a blown glass shop, a whale center, the Star Store and various other sites in Langley. The Star store was a unique store that has just about anything you would want stuffed into a compact area. The glass shop is where the glass is “blown” and sold. What is amazing is that the inventory remains outside after the shop is closed and none has been stolen!

Langley is right on the water and people whale watch. There is a bell one is supposed to ring if they spot a whale.

The town also boasts The Langley Inn, which is a high class inn frequented by celebrities, and numerous displays of art in public places.

Fred and Shannon treated us to a lovely dinner at a restaurant called The Bistro. Babs and Fred had mussels, Shannon a steak, and I had sweetbreads & steak tartar.

I forgot to mention that Shannon, my VLBFF, is a genuine cowgirl who has been a rodeo barrel racer.

After dinner and a driving tour of the things we had not seen earlier, Fred and I sat around and reminisced of our days together in Vietnam where we wee both stationed as helicopter pilots.

Tomorrow we go to Seattle to Fred & Shannon’s condominium.

Babs Says: We spent a wonderful day with musicians, teachers, a high school VP, a pilot, a college instructor, a rodeo rider, a school district superintendent,  a mayor, a cowgirl, and an Army veteran. We were with Fred and Shannon!



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