Alaska to Seattle, Day 9, June 17, 2017

Today we were going to sleep until 7:30 am, eat breakfast at the hotel, and head to the ferry terminal. Everything went according to plan except sleeping till 7:30 am. As usual we were up earlier.

At 9:30 am we boarded a Washington State Ferry for the one hour trip to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Upon the island, we headed toward the visitor center for the American Camp section of San Juan Island National Historic Park. This was the American headquarters during the period of joint occupation of the island by the Americans and British while a jurisdictional dispute was being arbitrated. At the visitors center there was this eagles nest.


We left the visitors center on a walking tour of the original site of the camp.

We started driving to the English camp using the back roads in order to avoid the traffic in Friday Harbor which is a quaint tourist town. On the way we stopped at a lavender farm Babs had heard of where they grow organic lavender and process it into products.

After Babs did some shopping, we continued to the English Camp which was more substantial than its American counterpart. In addition to the original encampment buildings, we saw a clothes washing demonstration, a British soldier, a garden and an English Bull Dog who was also visiting the site.

This ancient tree stump was wider than Babs outstretched arms!


We left the English Camp and returned to Friday Harbor to try an catch an earlier ferry back to Anacortes. We were in luck but had about an hour wait so Babs snapped these pictures of some of Friday Harbor.

Before returning to our car we bought two ice cream cones, one 2 scoops, one 1 scoop, $8.50!

When we got to Anacortes we went right to the restaurant named Adrift for dinner. I had the “Bad Ass” burger (topped with fried oysters and bacon) and Babs had Dungunese crab cakes. Both were delicious.

Tomorrow we will head to Fred & Shannon McCarthy’s where we will visit and spend the night.  Along the way we will stop at National Monument that Babs needs to complete her quest of visiting all of the National Parks in existence prior to my retirement.

Babs Says: We met a very nice man and in the course of our conversation, he insisted that Dungeness crab cakes were better than Maryland blue. I decided to taste the Dungeness for myself tonight. They were good, but it was like trying to compare grape juice to a fine wine – there was no comparison! Maryland wins!


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