Alaska to Seattle, Day 8, June 16, 2017

We started early today with a 4:30 am wake-up call. We were dressed, packed, and in the shuttle van going to the airport by 5:05 am to check in for our 7 am flight to Seattle.

It was a sunny day and our plane took off ahead of time. The pilots came on the intercom and apologized for boarding in “casual civilian attire” instead of uniforms. They explained that a last minute crew change was necessary and they were originally scheduled to fly cargo where they are allowed to dress casually.

The flight was smooth and they delivered us in Seattle a half hour ahead of time with a very smooth, picture perfect landing.

We went to the Hertz rental station and picked up our Hundi rental car and headed out to I-5 toward Anacortes, WA. What miserable traffic! What should have been an hour and a half drive took over 3 hours.

We checked into our hotel The Marina Inn and lay down for a nap to make up for the sleep that we missed last night. At about 7:30 we headed to downtown Anacortes to a restaurant named The Rockfish Grill. I ordered clams, mussels, and Chirico which was excellent. Babs had fried Pacific oysters which she said were different than she was used to but also excellent.

After dinner we returned to the hotel and went to sleep.

Tomorrow we take the ferry to the Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands.

Babs Says: I went to the lobby at 5 am to get a luggage cart. A very short, older Asian man came down to get coffee. He was wearing a pair of white pajamas with dinosaurs all over them. He just reminded me of a mini grandchild. So cute!


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