Alaska to Seattle, Day 7, June 15, 2017

Today was cold and rainy with very low ceilings. The view from our room made it appear that the minimums for landing wouldn’t happen unless the clouds lifted.

The rain continued all morning so although Cris and Dory went to Salty Pastries, Babs and I ate at the hotels meager breakfast buffet. I’m still not convinced that the sausage gravy on biscuits was a wise choice!

We boarded our plane in pouring rain for Anchorage, with a stop at Juneau, for an on time noon departure. The take off visibility was most likely at bare minimum, but we made it safely to Juneau where the ceilings were higher.

On this leg of our journey we were seated in the non reclining last row of seats with me in the middle seat and Babs at the window. The isle seat was taken by a young lady who was significantly larger than I when I weighed 326 lbs. As nicely as I could, without offending the girl, I asked the flight attendant if there was another seat open when the door closed, I would prefer to move. The flight attendant asked a 1st Officer pilot, who was “dead heading”, if he would mind switching with the girl and he did. I ended up with a very pleasant flying companion, and she got two seats adjacent to each other where she could sit in comfort.

The flight was uneventful, the mountains were beautiful and totally snow covered. Unfortunately, we didn’t get photos of the mountains. When we landed in Anchorage it was in the sixty’s and sunny. After collecting our bags we caught the shuttle to the Hampton Inn.

We ate an early dinner because we had a 4:30 wake up set for tomorrow morning. We walked to a restaurant named Sea Galley which was right behind the Hampton Inn about a city block away. I had fried Halibut and Babs a Coconut seafood platter. Both were delicious and came with french fries and an unlimited salad bar which was fresh and fabulous.

Tomorrow we fly to Seattle with a 7 am take off.

Babs Says: Such a nice 1st Officer! He relieved Frank of a very, very uncomfortable flight. I don’t know why I felt so much safer having a pilot sitting next to Frank. What could he doing an emergency? Run to the cockpit and take control and save us all. I had visions of the movie “Airplane”.

Also realized today how scary allergies can be. Dory had bad reaction to pie coming out of an oven-it had cinnamon in it.


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