Alaska to Seattle, Day 6, June 14, 2017

We were up early and it was not raining which has been a rarity. We walked to a place called Salty Pastries for breakfast where on the way we stopped for a photo with the bear.IMG_2763

Salty Pasteries is an establishment with homemade, mostly organic and vegetarian menu. Everything is already prepared and the selection is limited with nothing “made to order” available. Babs had quiche with a side of arugula.


I had a black bean tortilla with something resembling a rubber fried egg which, for those who know me, can easily figure out how much I enjoyed it.

Today we were in Petersburg all day. We had planned to do laundry but did it yesterday before going to dinner.  Cris threw out the idea of renting a car and driving around the island, which we did.

Our first stop was Tonka Seafood where Babs & I bought a couple of cans of smoked salmon to bring home. Cris and Dory also bought some to ship home. They’ll be eating a lot of smoked salmon! IMG_2772

It was interesting to see how radical the tide change was. The swing in depth was 20 feet in some places.


From Tonka Seafood we headed to Petersburg’s “better” grocery store  to buy some bottled water. Produce in Alaska is not inexpensive. Mango was on sale for $1.95 each, regularly $2.95! The ladies were heading back to Salty Pastries to buy sandwiches for lunch. That in mind, I went back into the store and purchased a sandwich of non-organic origin.

After the sandwiches were in hand, Cris drove a short distance to the “Viking Park” to get a photo of a Viking ship replica sponsored by Petersburg’s large Norwegian ethnic population.


We drove round the island with the primary goal of finding the La Conte glacier overlook. Along the way, we saw some beautiful scenery and the mud flats left by the receding tide.

We also saw a whole assortment of local critters. First we saw several porcupine followed by black tail and Sitka deer. Next was a huge black bear, a cow moose, bald eagles, a raven, and at least one species of mosquito.

We ended up on this primitive road that finally got us to the La Conte glacier overlook. Even then, one could barely see the glacier without binoculars,

While there we ran into another couple from New York who took our group photo.


At about 2:30 the ladies headed back to our hotel to drop me off because of my wining about lunch. I sat in the hotels breakfast area and enjoyed my sandwich. The ladies also decided that to be a good idea and also ate their sandwiches before continuing on their drive. I seem to have a scowl on my face even when I think I’m smiling. Must be a brain- muscle disconnect!


The ladies continued their drive around the other side of the island. They found this odd elevated structure but couldn’t find a way to get to it. I think that it’s a privy!

IMG_2808 Tonight we shared a Papa Bears sausage and mushroom pizza which may be one of the best I’ve ever had. After dinner, we walked up hill to our hotel in the pouring rain.

Tomorrow we will fly back to Anchorage and spend the night before flying to Seattle Friday.

Babs Says: Eagles, porcupines, moose, and bear- These creatures were not rare. But the pictographs we went to see were buried deep beneath the sea.


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