Alaska to Seattle, Day 5, June 13, 2017

Today is the last day on the boat and we will be heading to Petersburg. This morning it was much colder because the wind was really blowing.

Our breakfast, prepared by Captain Hoock, was a casserole of sorts with bacon, eggs, and mushrooms. It wasn’t to my tastes but with hot sauce I was able to enjoy it.

Once underway it was rainy and rough. Because we got a later than usual start, Captain Hoock had the boat moving right along. I spent most of the day in the main cabin working on this blog.

We ate a late lunch of a super nacho dish made with a mixture of cheddar cheese, nacho chips, and a liberal assortment of hot peppers all tossed together and baked in the oven. It was very tasty and as you can see from the picture, it was enjoyed.


We arrived at the Baird glacier and every one readied for the motor raft ride from the boat to the glacier.

After consideration of my instability and the difficulty I would have entering and exiting he raft, I decided not to go. I told Babs that I would live my life vicariously through her. They entered the raft, and off they went to explore the glacier.

When they returned, I was presented with a chunk of iceberg.

On the way to Petersburg I fell asleep and took a little nap. Someone felt the need to document the fact.


When we left Petersburg three days ago the low clouds obscured the view. On the return trip the sky was clear entering the harbor.

It was a beautiful way to end our adventure.

Thankfully, Captain Hoock carried by bags from the boat to the top of the pier ramp where we were met by the hotel van.

Tomorrow we are here in Petersburg.

Babs Says: I had an indescribable, awe-inspiring experience today. Riding in a dingy through hundreds of colorful icebergs was like seeing a CGI movie in real life.

We survived our 3 days at sea and now need to get our land legs back.



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