Alaska to Seattle, Day 4, June 12, 2017

This morning we woke to a chilly day but contrary to the weather forecast, blue skies were overhead. After a breakfast of Greek yogurt, fruit, cereal, and hard boiled eggs, we were once again on our way.

The ride today was somewhat rougher because we were farther out in the ocean. We only saw a couple of whales in the distance but none near to us like they were yesterday morning. However, we did see this iceberg that had calved from the La Conte glacier which was about 20 miles away from our position.

Captain Hoock pulled up close to an island, handed me a rod and told me to try my luck again at fishing. After a couple of try’s, I finally got lucky and caught a huge 9 inch flounder. Small but a tremendous fighter. We threw him back! That’s, my fish story.

We ate a lunch of sandwiches and then continued on our quest to find whales.

When we got underway, Captain Hoock, with the help of Cris and Dory, raised the sails. For the rest of the day we were wind powered. It’s amazing how quiet and peaceful it is without motor noise.

About an hour after lunch, Cris decided it was time to accomplish the real purpose of our trip to Alaska, to say goodbye to Jerry and his dog Misty. Captain Hooch rigged a basket from an American flag and Cris and Dory lowered Jerry and Misty’s ashes into the water. I read a tribute written by Cris, Dory spoke words of kindness. Cris read from a book of poems and a from a paper Cris found in Jerry’s desk and  Jerry had apparently written in anticipation of his death.

It was a dignified and fitting sendoff to our dear friend, patriot, and  husband.

Each of us took a turn at the helm, finding out that there is definitely a knack of keeping a straight course!

Near the end of the day the wind picked up and it began to rain in earnest. Captain Hoock brought down the sails and we motored our way to the cove where we would spend the night.

Once at anchor Captain Hoock prepared a delicious baked salmon and asparagus dinner, accompanied by an olive and goat cheese bread loaf which he baked on the boat.

After dinner Captain Hoock brought out some hats so that Cris and Babs could poke fun at Dory and I.

It must be the sun and wind, but I was ready for bed shortly after dinner every night. Tomorrow we head back to Petersburg via the Baird glacier, which Captain Hoock says is spectacular..

Babs Says: A day without any media is a day without storms, filled with hope and peace.


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