Alaska to Seattle, Day 3, June 11, 2017

We were lucky and received a ride to the dock from the hotel shuttle. Even though we packed only what we thought we would need on the boat into duffle bags, it still would have been difficult to carry the bags the two blocks to the dock.

Our boat captain and guide Louie Hoock, met us on the pier gangplank with a luggage cart and brought our luggage to the boat. Once aboard, he showed us around the boat, Artturus, and had us try on the inflatable life vests.

The weather was overcast and chilly, but at least it wasn’t raining. Once underway, we headed out of the harbor and into Frederick Sound in search of whales. The water was reasonably calm and we sighted a lot of hump whales and sea lions.

Before lunch I tried my hand at jigging for flounder. The Alaskan fishing license is $45, and at the rate of my success today, I’ll consider it a donation to the state, fish 1, Frank zero!

After lunch, we were underway again in search of whales. The afternoon portion was less productive than the mornings with only a few sighted and most only at distance. However, the overcast lifted and there were some beautiful sights.

We did get a close up view of the Three Fingers light house.


Around 5 pm we anchored in a nice picturesque cove.

Captain Hoock fixed us a delicious dinner of fried Halibut and fries.


Not long after dinner, we hit the sack. Tomorrow we’ll try to find more whales.

Babs Says: Being rocked to sleep by Mother Nature on the sea is a wonderful way to end a day.


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