Alaska to Seattle Day 2, June 1, 2017

This is the way it looked outside of our room in Anchorage at 1 am in the morning.


Today we fly to Petersburg, Alaska where we will meet Cris & Dory and board the sailboat tomorrow. I began my day writing and posting my blog from yesterday because all I wanted to do when we got to the hotel at after 1 am was to sleep.


After breakfast we boarded the hotel van for the 15 minute ride back to the airport. We once again had TSA Pre on our boarding passes and breezed through the security inspection. We had lots of time so we wandered around the airport looking at it’s neat exhibits.

The Alaskan Airline flight to Petersburg Alaska was via Juneau and both flight time for the combined trip was a little over two and a half hours with the leg to Juno a full flight. Thankfully their Boeing 737 aircraft had not been reconfigured and had reasonable leg room which compared to United’s actually seemed spacious!

The airport at Petersburg is very small and the runway appeared to be the size of an aircraft carrier from altitude of about 1500 feet. I remarked to Babs that I hope that it was a private airstrip and not the one we were landing onto. The best way to describe the landing was skilled & interesting. Babs hates take offs and landings and I thought Babs was going to pull the arm rests from the seat. The aircraft was exited the “old way” via roll up stair way. Anyway, we made it and small didn’t accurately describe the terminal which had a baggage claim area about the size of a pickup bed crammed with about 50 people trying to get their luggage. We were the last two passengers off of the aircraft and so were our bags!

Babs, Cris, Dory, and I walked around Petersburg to check the town out.

IMG_0129 Dining options are very limited in Petersburg with most closing after lunch. We ended up at Inga’s Galley where you order from the carryout window and eat outside or in a tent. We started outside and then moved into the tent because it started getting too cold. The food was good. Babs & I had salmon collars and brown rice.

Tomorrow we board our boat where we will spend three days.

Babs Says: Petersburg is a cute little town on a cute little island. And the people are all so friendly. The view is beautiful and the cottonwoods are whispering (Tammy).

Salmon collars are better than dog collars.


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