Alaska to Washington, Day 1, June 9, 2017

Our adventure began with an Uber ride to Washington Dulles International airport. This was the first time we had boarding passes with the “TSA Pre” designation. This designation on our boarding pass allowed us to use the TSA PRE security check line. In that line one doesn’t have to remove their shoes or take anything from their carryon luggage, even liquids or lap top computers.

The first leg of our journey was a three and a half hour flight on a 737-400 Boeing aircraft which had it’s seats reconfigured, adding 12 additional seats. This change cause ones knees to be against the seat in front of your set even without that seat being reclined. Not comfortable!

At Denver, we had a five hour layover prior to the scheduled boarding time of our flight to Anchorage. This aircraft was also a reconfigured Boeing 737-400 aircraft where your knees rubbed the seat in front of your seat. Our boarding was delayed 45 minutes while United resolve some weight issues. Finally, we boarded the aircraft, only to wait on the taxi way while United relayed the weight clearance to the captain. This delay resulted in our finally taking off an hour and a half late.

The flight was one of the roughest I’ve ever been on. We experienced moderate to heavy clear air turbulence for 75% of the flight to Anchorage. Our flight was scheduled to arrive in Anchorage at 10:35 pm and we finally landed at 11:50 pm.

We arrived at our hotel at 12:15 am tired and ready for sleep. We had been up 23 hours straight!

Babs Says: When making plans, always consider time zone changes –10:30 pm ADT is 2:30 am EDT. I was ready for a parachute to abandon the plane as I was sure it was going to shatter into a billion pieces during major turbulence.


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