Viking Cruise, Day 16, Monday, July 11, 2016

18 hours of flying, 7 hours of standing in airport lines, over 1,100 miles of river cruised, 63 locks, and too many miles walked to count , we are finally home. A great time but I am glad to be back.

What I liked: Budapest, the Melk Abbey, the smaller German cities like Bamberg, cruising on the river, the people we met on the boat, and the people of Hungary and Germany, and the wonderful crew of the Viking Bestla.

What I didn’t like: A 3am wake up to go the Amsterdam airport, the absence of a chair with a back in our stateroom, that there is not enough time allocated to really see things there are to see, bicyclists in Amsterdam, and the disorganization of British Airways.

I guess you could say that we were fortunate because the Viking Ship Bragi that we were to sail on hit a bridge early into their trip down to Budapest. There was construction on the bridge with equipment hanging down from the bridge. The authorities had not moved the navigational buoys and the boat hit the equipment, then the bridge. The entire front half of the boat was destroyed.  We were assigned to a different substitute boat. Better them than us!

Babs Says: A phone call at 3:00 in the morning is not good. Thankfully it was just a wake-up call and not bad news. It was a fun, educational, and enjoyable 19 days, So glad to see Chuck, Vita & Luca Orifici.

I forgot how bad city traffic can be. Thanks Chuck!


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