Viking Cruise, Day 14, Thursday, July 6, 2016

Today we are in Cologne, boat arrived here at 9am. On the way here we saw this interesting building.IMG_1879

We ate from the breakfast buffet and at 9:15 were on our bus to the city center. Our first stop was the main attraction the Saint Peter and Mary Cathedral. It is said that the remains of the three wise men that were first to see the Christ child are in a gold esophagus by the church’s main altar.

Unfortunately, there was an event going on inside the cathedral and we couldn’t go farther than the entrance. The tour guide decided that we would continue the tour and return to the church after 12:30pm when the event was over. Outside the cathedral there was an sidewalk artist doing chalk paintings. We did take the opportunity to capture the outside of the cathedral.

After lunch, we returned to the cathedral. It is the largest in Germany and the second tallest in Europe. The cathedral is constantly being worked on and the new pieces for repair are made on the premises.


Next to the cathedral is a museum of Roman artifacts. When they we building the museum, they uncovered a mosaic that has over a million tiles.

The Dutch try to use space wisely. While on our tour we walked on the roof of the symphony which is paved with red bricks. This little stream is fed with the run off from the symphony’s air conditioning system.

IMG_1941The walk was through the old part o Cologne with narrow streets, quaint shops, and lots of beer gardens and restaurants.

This statue is supposedly about “helper elves” who do most of the peoples chores to lighted the work load and give the people more time to enjoy themselves.

When the tour ended, we sat down at a beer garden to have lunch while we waited for the cathedral services to end. I had a pretzel and a bratwurst and Babs had this huge pork knuckle.

Inside the cathedral are beautiful stained glass windows and several crypts, one of which has the remains of a pope.

While waiting for our bus to return to the ship, we enjoyed an ice cream.


Tonight was our farewell dinner so they served smorgasbord of authentic German dishes.

Babs also took the galley tour.

Tomorrow we will leave Germany visit windmills in Kinderdijk, Netherlands.

Babs Says: Oomp. Pah, pah German polkas and German beer. Beautiful cathedrals and castles. It’s been wonderful. Tschuss/ Auf Wiedersehen Sudetenland.


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