Viking Cruise, Day 13, Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Well today we could have slept in, if you didn’t want to eat breakfast and get outside in time to see some castles. So at 7am, we were at breakfast. Our cruise takes us to Koblenz so we can take the excursion to the Marksburg Castle. We are told that there are steep uneven wooden stairs and rough stone floors. Because of that, I will sit this one out and Babs went on the excursion. However we didn’t get there until around 2:30pm and will pass 24 medieval castles around the way.

The Rhine river is still high but not at flood stage.


Along the way we passed these cherries on a rail along the Rhine.IMG_1723

These are some of the castles that we passed. I don’t want to bore you with the full spread but they truly were a marvel.

We also passed vineyards and these workers high on the slopes working the vineyards.

We reached Koblenz and Babs went on the excursion to the Marksburg Castle and shot these photos while on the tour. Can you identify the chastity belt?

Tomorrow we arrive in Cologne.

Babs Says: I learned all about the ABC’s today. Another Beautiful Castle or as someone else said, Another Bloody Castle.


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