Viking Cruise, Day 12, Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Last night we had a glass blowing demonstration. Having arrived in Wertheim, Germany’s glass blowing center around 9am, we readied for today’s excursion. Viking arranged to have a pair of sightseeing land trains take our groups up the hill to the Wertheim city center.
Exiting the train we were met by our very Franconian guide. He fit the picture he himself described as Franconian: non smiling.
Wertheim has its very own leaning tower. Wertheim has historically had sever flooding every five or so years. Over the years the ground under the base softened an caused the tower to lean.

Our guide next took us to a couple of nearby buildings to show us the high water marks of previous floods.

The town receives 55 hours advance warning of an impending flood and the residents either move all of their furnishing from the ground floor to the second floor or a storage locker located in higher ground. The majority of the buildings are three stories or more. Their are 1100 residents of the town and 1009 of the residents belong to an assistance club and will help those unable to move their belongs.

The town is one of narrow streets and houses and buildings of “half wood”, wood and stucco exterior, construction. Most of these are a white stucco, brown wood color scheme.

IMG_2508This house a different color scheme.

One of the houses was built in 1533.

Our next stop was at two different windows. The first window was the first window done in a round half circle. The second had trade markings identifying the glass supplier who installed the window. I also added Babs  cat window which has no significance to anything.

This building has two different entrances at the base of the tower where those entering do not see the other person. This was so a man could bring his wife in one side and his mistress in the other. The two women would not meet.

Next we were shown the original well which is over 300 years old.

The Lutheran church was being renovated. This is part of its original wall.

Our first tour ended here but we opted to continue on with a Jewish Cemetery tour. The guide showed uo a copy of a letter signed by Hitler and a photo of the German army assembled in the very square where we now stood.

We then took a 20 minute walk to the Jewish Cemetery where about 40 Jews killed in Wertheim. The Jews wish to let the cemetery go untended. There are no Jews living in Wertheim today.

After the cemetery, we headed back to the train to return to the boat. And began our cruise to Koblenz.

This is to nights dinner.

We departed for Koblentz where Babs will take the castle tour. We shot these photos along the way.

Babs Says: Rollin’, rollin’ down the river- That’s what we did this afternoon.
Our guide this morning went on a rant about Germany allowing all the refugees into the country- especially the young male Muslim boys. I’m sure she could be fired by talking politics with tourists.


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