Viking River Cruise, Day 9, Sunday, July 3, 2016

Today is a day that we slept in a bit but still making it to breakfast around 9am. We didn’t get into Bamberg until around 11am. We spent most of the time before lunch on the front deck enjoying the sun.

At 1:30pm we boarded the bus taking us into Bamberg. We had requested a leisure tour and it turned out that it would be just Babs and I. After the thirty minute ride, we met our guide Lucas for what would be a private tour.

We started our tour in what was the Jewish quarter of the city. Here a gentleman named Hoffman wrote the story that would eventually become the basis for “The Nutcracker Suite”. There is a statue of Hoffman and his cat in front of the opera house named after him.

This building with a plaque that looks like a headstone commemorates where the Nazis destroyed the Jewish cemetery at this site.


These are photos in of Babs, Lucas and I in the square of what once was the Jewish ghetto.

It is a little known fact that in the 1700’s Bamberg was a place that participated in witch burning. One only needed to be accused of being a witch without any evidence offered, and one was soon to be a crispy critter. In one year, 41 women, men, and children were burned. Shortly thereafter, if one accused a person of being a witch without supporting evidence and the accused was found not guilty, the accuser burned. Surprise, after that there were no more witch burning in Bamberg. This memorial marks the spot of the witch burning.


Just before one crosses the bridge into the old city there is a map in braille. How they can read and mak sense of it is a mystery to me. I can see and I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.


The town has set up a kayaking course in the River Regnitz that flows through the town. In the middle of one of the bridge span is the city hall of Bamberg which is painted in a mural on both sides. One of the sides has a leg and an angel which protrude from the mural.

The streets of Bamberg are paved with cobblestones, mostly narrow streets, and lined with old houses and store fronts.

There are religious statues and figures everywhere including on buildings.

Bamberg is famous for it’s Rauchbier, “smoky beer”. This is Schlenkeria tavern where it was created by accident when the tavern owner used grain that was in a building that burned and became scorched rather than throw it away.

Our guide pointed out the Bamberg Cathedral DOM but we did not have enough time to walk there and back and still catch our bus.


We stopped at this little tavern, Cafe Express, to try the smoky beer. I had a diet Coke.

Walking back to the bus we took these photos of things that caught our eye.

When we arrived to the dock, the boat was late so we got to watch them dock in the rain which had just begun.

Tomorrow we will go to Wurzburg.

Babs Says: What do Smokey the Bear and smokey beer, have in common? They both were born of fire and smoke. If you think you would like your beer to taste like bacon then Schlenkeria is for you.


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