Viking River Cruise, Day 8, Saturday, July 2, 2016

Have I mentioned that we will have gone through 67 locks during our trip? This morning, right after breakfast, we went through a lock that dropped us 83 feet!

We got into Roth just before 11am and after a nice lunch of fish and chips, boarded our bus for Nuremberg. The ride was mostly on the Autobahn. After exiting to enter Nuremberg, we passed this furniture factory with a unique advertisement.


The first stop of our tour was the Documentation Center. It was modeled after the Roman collicium but larger and built with red bricks with a limestone facade. It was to be where Hitler would hold all of his annual party meeting. However, it was never completed because Hitler started World War II and needed all his available manpower on the front line.

Our next stop was tne Zeppelin Field where Hitler had all of his Nazi rallies. A vintage German fire truck was parked nearby.

The city is ringed by old fortress style walls complete with towers and in some sections a moat.

The Palace of Justice is where the war crimes trials were held I courtroom 600. The prision is attached to the building so that a large amount of security forces would not be necessary to transfer the accused to the courtroom today.

The city cemetery is covered with live plants, mainly roses and is maintained by the deceased relatives. If a deceased has no more relatives living, the city buys their plot and pays someone to maintain its flowers.

We sat down under umbrellas in the outdoor section of the Bratwurst Roeslein restaurant. In ordered apple fritters and coffee, Babs a beer. After ordering it began to “sprinkle” and then the rain deluged! It rained so hard, both Babs & I opened our own umbrellas. After about five minutes, our waiter told us to come inside for our food. I guess he didn’t want to deliver it in the rain.

After we finished our “snack”, the rain had ebbed and the sun began to come out. We walked around the square window shopping.

On our way to our bus meeting spot, we passed St. Sebaldus church and this area where they were doing some demolition and construction.

Once aboard the boat, we cast off for Bamberg. Leaving the dock we passed this industrial site and covered stone bridge.

This was today’s sunset, beautiful!

Babs Says: Our German guide in Nuremberg did not try to conceal the history of the citys relationship with Hitler. She did say that all children were taught about the Nazis history in hopes they learn about the evils and would never allow it to happen again. She also said she would love to see Hitlers face when he learned that his SS quarters now housed the Dept. of Immigration.


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