Viking River Cruise, Day 7, Friday, July 1, 2016

Today’s routine is the same as always, early wake up, eat breakfast, and wait for our tour to begin. This morning we weren’t in port when we woke up so we were greeted with this small castle.


We arrived in Regensburg at around 8am and our walking tour began at nine with a rather long walk on uneven cobble stones. We were walking toward the old stone bridge at the city’s entrance. We shared our path with these ducks that wouldn’t budge.

The scenic stone bridge had sixteen arches. Of course, it had to be the arches on our side that were undergoing restoration.

It seems as though every relic in Germany is being refurbished!

Regensburg is known for their sausage, which is claimed, by them, as the best sausage in all of Germany. This is the Wurstkuche (old sausage kitchen), the oldest restaurant in Germany, that we eventually ate at after our tour.

Our tour began at the cities “arch clock”, that every city in Germany seems to have at least one.


I liked Regensburg because of its narrow cobblestone streets, even though they were difficult for me to walk on due to balance issues. The narrow streets, which serve as both roadways and pedestrian walkways are lined with quaint old houses and buildings built in traditional style. Intermixed with the cobblestones were bronze squares called “stumbling stones” which were engraved with a name of a Holocaust victim, so that Germans would never forget and allow such a thing to happen again.

One of the buildings had a fresco of David fighting Goliath.


There were many “towers” in the city. They were not designed to be for protection, but to show that thee buildings owner was wealthy.

Regensburg has many churches, one of the most famous is the Saint Peter’s Cathedral. It seems as though German Catholics only know two saints Stephen and Peter because every town has a church named after one or the other.

Weddings are performed at either the churches or city hall. It just so happened that this wedding was just exiting the city hall as we approached it. Couples married at city hall are again married in the church at a later date. The fountain is across from city hall.

We finished our day in Regensburg with a visit to the cuckoo clock shop where we saw a cuckoo clock demonstration and a gigantic German beer stein.


Our last stop was to enjoy sausages with our new friends Richard and Barbara. We were surprised when the waitress asked us how much bread (stale) we had eaten, and then charged us .90 euro a piece for the bread.

Leaving the sausage house, we came upon this wedding reception in progress. Note the wedding carriage!

Desert tonight was a delicious banana split!


Tomorrow we arrive at Roth our gateway to Nuremberg.

Babs Says: Loved the cuckoo clock demonstration, but can not imagine all the sounds and motions going on at 2:00am – would make me cuckoo! Sausage & sauerkraut was probably the best I have ever had.


One thought on “Viking River Cruise, Day 7, Friday, July 1, 2016

  1. ohaverma says:

    It looks like a great tour day. The sausage lunch looked fantastic. Love the picture of the two of you. Are those other two traveling friends or friends you made on the trip? Beer must be great. It is served at room temp or cold?
    Cuckoo clocks are neat for the first day or so! Then you wonder why in the world did you haul the thing all over Europe to bring back.

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