Viking River Cruise, Day 7, Thursday, June 30, 2016

We are now in the town of Passau. This morning was an early wake up day which wasn’t easy given Babs revelry the night before playing music dance trivia. The breakfast time was moved up a half hour to 6:30am. We got dressed got breakfast, collected our things and hustled after our group which had a couple of minutes head start walking to our bus.

Salzburg is about a two and a half hour ride from Passau. As we passed through the town, Babs took these pictures.

The ride to Salzburg takes us through farm land and forest as we climb our way to the foothills of the Alps. We passed some small towns and many churches. Some of the houses have a bell on their roof, like that on the roof of the yellow church, which is the way a fire is signaled to the community.

Our Salzburg tour begins at the Mirabell Gardens where many scenes of the movie The Sound of Music were filmed.

We crossed the foot bridge covered with padlocks engraved and left there by lovers. The guide said the keyed padlocks were placed and the keys thrown into the river signifying an eternal love. If a combination lock was placed, it meant that the relationship might not be so permanent.

We next wandered through the town admiring the architecture and seeing the houses of Doppler, Mozart, and Mozart’s birthplace.

The streets were narrow and had shops and restaurants everywhere. It was raining, off and on, so it was nice having part of the pathways like a series of arches.

We ended our tour at the square in front of the Saint Peters Cathedral. From the square you can view the cathedral and the gigantic Hohensalzburg Fortress high on a hill at the end of the square. The only way up to the castle from the square was a funicular?

We had a delicious lunch of roast pork, lukewarm cabbage salad, bread dumpling, and a dessert called saltburcurnichur (meringue with jelly at the bottom) at St. Peter’s Restaurant. During lunch, we were also entertained with a local groups rendition of songs from The Sound of Music. There was even a dining room where dogs were welcome!

After lunch we walked around the square and visited Saint Peters Cathedral. The covered Baptismal font was the one used for Mozart’s baptism.

Our guide met us at 4pm and we endured another two and a half hour bus ride back to our ship. On the way to the bus we passed a tribute to our son Butch and grandson Stevie, pickles!



After dinner, we played another trivia game and did pretty poorly.

Tomorrow we will be in Regensburg which is famous for their sausage.

Babs Says: The Hills are alive with the sound of cars, buses, sirens, horns, and voices. Raindrops on roses and soaking wet noses. These are a few of my favorite things.

We just got a taste of Salzburg and would love to go back. So sad the Alps were cloud covered.


One thought on “Viking River Cruise, Day 7, Thursday, June 30, 2016

  1. ohaverma says:

    Sounds and looks like a wonderful and yummy day. Since it was raining was it cool? What has the weather temp been like?

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