Viking River Cruise, Day 5, Tuesday, June 28, 2016

No rest for the weary! We were up at 6:30am and got ready for breakfast before our 9am walking tour of Vienna. We boarded our bus and were driven to the streetcar station where our walking tour began. On the way we passed a park featuring a turn of the century Ferris wheel and another with a golden statue of the waltz king Strauss. We also passed the House of Parliament and a statue of Queen Elizabeth Marie who bore 16 children!

During our walk to the Gothic Saint Stephens Cathedral, we were shown how to recognize the subway stations which a identified by the letter U on a blue background. The other form of public transportation is the extensive streetcar system.

The guide explained that all of the large buildings that look like apartment buildings were once single family palaces. Now they are renovated into apartments which a mainly rented to the United Nations employees, the cheapest of which for over 4,000 Euro a month. We past this comic book store that our grandson Luca would have loved to look around in.


Our guide took us on a short detour to see this sixteenth century public clock. The guide said that it  played a different composers music at the top of every hour.

We finally reached Saint Stephens Cathedral, our guide showed us a model of the cathedral and explained that constant cleaning of the sandstone was necessary in order to keep it from turning black.


We then had an hour and a half to explore it before meeting our guide for the return walk.

Once we had seen all that we wished to see inside the cathedral we sat down for some coffee (that we never succeeded in ordering) then walked around the exterior of the cathedral.

The carriage horses had their ears covered to muffle the crowd noise.

Both coming to and going from the cathedral back to our boat, we crossed a bridge over the, so called, little Danube. We were told that is where the Danube originally when through the town.

After lunch Babs went on the Farm Market tour. I walked as far as the stairs that one takes to cross the bridge and realized that I couldn’t make it. So, I headed back to the boat, about a 10 minute walk and as usual, I took a nap. These are photos that Babs took while on the tour.

On her way back to the boat, Babs took these pictures of the “modern Vienna” skyline. The space needle type building houses a high speed elevator to two counter revolving restaurants. The thing protruding from it’s side is a bungee jumping platform.

When Babs returned, she said that it was a good thing that I didn’t go because there was an escalator in the subway station that was very steep. I don’t do steep well!


This was Babs dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we will be in Melk Austria.

Babs Says: Expectations are everything. I was so looking forward to Vienna and though it is a nice, clean city, it did not meet my expectation of a beautiful Austrian town with music all around, quaint homes,and friendly people.


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