Viking River Cruise, Day 4, Monday, June 27, 2016

We awoke this morning around 7am to rain. Looking out of our french balcony, it looked like we were in a canal rather than the Danube river.


We had no excursion until after we arrived in Vienna around 5pm so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Babs was so enamored with her plate, she documented it for posterity!


The terrain has change dramatically, from farm land to low mountains, over night. The river is dotted with small hamlets and some hills planted in grapes. There are much fewer vineyards than I expected but have been told that will change when we get on the Rhine river. We passed a town named Hainburg which had an interesting church and a castle on top of a high hill.


I mainly napped and wrote on my blog while Babs observed a strudel making demonstration. After the demonstration, they were rewarded by sampling the freshly baked apple strudel.

During the day we went through a couple of locks. This was the largest and the highest level that we would rise to.

Outside Vienna, we past this very large Hilton hotel.


We docked in Vienna at 5pm, ate dinner, and it was off to the symphony. Along the way we passed this Gothic church which we were told was closed. Before arriving at the opera hall, we passed this memorial dedicated to Russian soldiers, which were told was the only one in Austria or Germany..


We arrived at the opera hall and enjoyed a good symphony concert, complete with ballet dancers, and opera singers.

I particularly enjoyed the clarinet solo. I had no idea one could produce such great sounds from a clarinet. I also enjoyed watching the percussion person balance between the kettle, snare drum, xylophone, and triangle.

Tomorrow we will still be in Vienna.

Babs Says: The Mozart/ Strauss concert in Vienna was a must for me. At first Frank vetoed, but then (after some wifely guilt) he agreed to go.


It was great to go to a concert in a lovely venue and be able to sit. The music was beautiful (opera singers not so much) and the ballet dancers were entertaining. I enjoyed the evening, but give me a Bruce, Mick, or Keith concert to have some fun – even though I can’t sit down.


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