Viking River Cruise, Day 2, Saturday, June 25, 2016

Today started out as the trip from hell! Having missed our connecting flight from London Heathrow to Budapest, we were directed by the flight attendants to “follow the purple signs to Connections”.  Unfortunately the signs for connections pointed in multiple directions. We were finally told to get into a line that seemed to be a mile long and crept along at a snails pace. After about 45 minutes we arrived to a point where we could now see that we should have gotten in line at a location across from the line that we were now in. We then crossed the hall and entered a line that we could clearly see was at least a half mile long.  

After an hour in line, we had moved about fifty feet. At about an hour and a half, I began to show signs of a low sugar episode and the nice lady in front of us noticed my condition and offered me a hand full of M&M candy. Another 15 minutes later, Babs told me to go find a seat while she continued to stand in line. I did as she instructed and noticing a sign with a British Airways number for re-booking missed flights, tried calling them. After being hung up on around 20 times, I finally got through and remained on hold for over 50 minutes..”your call is very important to us, stay on the line and someone will be right with you…we are experiencing a large volume of calls, please stay on the line and someone will be with you momentarily…..did you know you can make changes to your booking at…”.  By this point, they were passing out free water, sandwiches, and candy. I finally got someone one the phone who re-booked our flights and assured me that I would receive an email link that would allow me to put our boarding passes on my LG tablet.(wrong) By now I had gotten Babs out of the line before I realized that I would still need to get to an agent to have the boarding passes printed. Fortunately, the folks which gave me the candy, allowed me to get back in the line. Another 40 minutes later, I had new boarding passes. In total we had wasted almost 5 hours in line.

Another 2 hours later we were ready to board the plane, which turned out to be another cluster f**k. It took another 20 minutes to get into the seating area because of the manner of check in that British Airways uses. Finally we were on the plane, another 40 minutes of weather hold. Once off the ground on our 2 hour 15 minutes flight filled with teeth jarring severe turbulence. At one point I was thinking that if Captain Dan didn’t slow the aircraft down, he would tear the wings off of the plane. Eight and a half hours after our originally scheduled landing at Budapest, we were finally there!

Norwegian River Cruise lines took over from there and things started looking up. After checking in, we had just enough time to go to our cabin, wash our faces then it was off to dinner.

We were disappointed that we would not get a chance to check out the Central Market because it was past it’s closing time and it was not open tomorrow, Sunday.

During dinner the announcement was made that the captain had decided to take a night cruise down the Danube and then cruise past Budapest so that we could see the night lights. So after dinned we grabbed our cameras and headed up to the sun deck.  These are photos we took. There are a lot but there was much to see. If you get tired of looking, skip ahead to “Babs Says”.

Tomorrow we will have a full day in Budabest, however, because it will be Sunday not many places are open. We’ll start the day with a city tour and see what else we can see.

Babs Says:  It has been a most unplesant 24 hours!  Then when we finally got on the plane we were bounced around like the bingo balls in the air/ vacuum machine.

BA- Worse than L.V.!


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