Viking River Cruise, Day 1, Friday, June 24, 2016

Chuck, accompanied by his son, Luca and daughter, Vita picked us up to take us to the airport at 2:30pm.  The traffic was heavy but Chuck managed to get us to Washington Dulles airport in about an hour and a half in heavy traffic. We arrived with plenty of time to spare and went thtough security in a brease. I commented to Babs that it was the quickest that we’ve ever made it through airport security.

The plane, an Airbus A380 is a hughmongus double story airplane that looks like a whale.src=”” alt=”IMG_1203″ width=”2272″ height=”1704″ />IMG_1201

Boarding went smoothly.  The seats leg room was crampped, but the pilot announced that we were “#1 to pull away from the dock” and it looked as though we would pull into London Heathrow airport about a half an hour or more earlier than planned.

That was before we were about to pull away from the dock and get our first of 4 “weather holds”. We gott to Heathrow at 8:45am, two hours late and missed our connecting flight to Budapest. It was not the pilots fault that we were late, or that the flight attendants were less than friendly, or that the food was mediocore. However it turned our to be the prelude to the British airways trip from hell!

Tomorrow, Saturday, we’ll be in Budapest, Hungary…..hopefully.

Babs Says:  There must be a solution for horrible Beltway traffic. Poor Chuck, Vita, and Luck having to put up with it to take us to Dulles.  Thanks

How do such humongous airplanes fly? Jason & Katy, you don’t need to explain.



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