2014 Western Road Trip Day 34, Saturday June 7th

On Friday we drove from outside Knoxville, TN to Doe & Mel’s home in Valdese, NC. We arrived just before lunch, ate at McDonald’s and then picked up our great-niece, Genna, from school. We took Genna home to my nieces house where we picked up my great-nephew Alex and visited with our niece Mary Catherine and returned to Doe’s. Our niece kept almost all of the baby clothes, etc. from both children, which she gave to us and we packed into the car. After a good dinner prepared by Doe & Mel, playing with Genna and Alex, and visiting with Mary, we went to bed early.

We left Doe and Mel’s at around 7:30 this morning and headed home looking like a bunch of northern “carpetbaggers” heading south after the civil war! We were anxious to get home to watch the Belmont Stakes horse race and see our children and grandchildren, especially our girls Cate, Lisa, and Katy who are all expecting and with due dates of August, September, and November as they are ordered.

The whole family  was over for dinner of steaks brought by Rob & Cate, and cooked on the grill by Rob. There was also corn, sweet potatoes, salad, and asparagus. watermelon, peanut butter pie, and coconut cream pie were for dessert. Everyone lent a hand or supplied something. What a great meal and family!

This was our last cross country road trip. Babs has all of her continental U.S. national park stamps except for two in Washington state Seattle area, and a couple in Minnesota and Michigan. On this trip we drove 10,247 miles in 32 days, seeing a lot of new and old sites. We had a good time and will share lots of memories with Doe & Mel.

It is fun to travel, but there really is no place like home!




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