2014 Western Road Trip Day 30, Tuesday June 3rd

This morning we are continuing east on our way home. But first I had to check out of the pig sty called Quality Inn that we were staying in last night. The hall carpet had cogs of mud, our room had no clock, no tissue, the coffee maker was missing parts,  and the night stand light was broken. I lodged a complaint and left a message with the manager. She later called and reduced our rate from $139 + tax, to $79 + tax, a small consolation.

Last time we stayed in Limon, Babs & I visited the Limon Train Museum and she wanted to shoe it to Doe & Mel.


Snow removal locomotive





Today we lose another hour, traveling east from Mountain time to Central time. We moved from the flat high plains of Colorado to the flat high plains of Kansas which finally migrated to rolling hills. The scenery was still “a lot of nothing”, cows, farmland, and oil wells.




Dirt blowing across the road was a times problematic much like the salt in Utah.


Crossing into Kansas, we stopped at the visitors center for a bathroom break and a free cup of coffee.



As the Kansas farm land lost its oil wells, they seemed to be replaced by wind farms. At one point we went 17 miles with windmill electric generators filling the north side of I-70.





Today’s lunch was at Mc Donalds, Whoopee!

We have been lucky so far weather wise. It is currently 94 and Cumulus clouds are forming and thunder storms, not tornadoes, are forecast here for tonight. Had elected to travel I-80 instead of I-70, we would be in the heart of the tornado warning area for tonight.

We stopped here at Junction City, KS for the night and have checked into a newly built, 3 yr. old, Comfort Inn & Suites a leap of faith considering last nights experience. It’s a good thing we stopped early because I had not realized that I need to wash some clothes!

Tonight we’re eating at a place called Family Buffet. It was mostly Chinese with a sprinkling of American dishes.

Tomorrow, more Kansas and into Missouri.

Babs Says: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?




One thought on “2014 Western Road Trip Day 30, Tuesday June 3rd

  1. tpwilliams1 says:

    Frank, stop in Kansas to to geo center of the ISA at intersection of Kansas County Road AA and Kansas Route 191 for a photo opp.

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