2014 Western Road Trip Day 28, Sunday June 1st

Today it is sunny with clear blue skies. The only item on our itinerary is driving to Grand Junction, CO so Babs & I can visit with our friends Chris & Jerry Zerr. Because it is Sunday, traffic is light and we get out of metro Salt Lake quickly. Once outside of Salt Lake, we once again have views of mountains and a different “whole lot of nothing”. Grand Junction is only about 50 miles from the Utah/ Colorado state line so most of our drive is in Utah.












Now sanctioned rest areas so we improvised. Actually, one was only 3 miles down the road!




Arriving at Grand Junction, we check Doe & Mel into the La Quinta Hotel where they will be staying. That done, we went to lunch at Burger King. After lunch, our friend Chris drove down from Glade Park, CO to bring Babs & I back to their home Where we visited and enjoyed a wonderful dinner of prime grade filet mignon beef, twice baked potatoes, kale salad, and humongous artichokes. Dessert was strawberry & blue berry shortcake smothered with whipped cream.


This was the best meal of the trip.
After dinner, we went outside and viewed the stars high in the dark CO sky.
Tomorrow, Chris & Jerry will deposit us back to Doe & Mel who have our car, and we will begin our journey home.
Babs Says: Old, old friends are wonderful as is aged filet


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