2014 Western Road Trip Day 20, Saturday May 24th

We left Mariposa right after breakfast. We stopped at a full service car wash and got the Acadia a badly need bath.  It is a sunny day and traffic was light until we got close to San Francisco and I-5, where it came to a complete stop. That was the way it was for the next hour and a half. It took 50 minutes alone to get to one of the 16 toll booth lanes to cross the Oakland bridge into San Francisco. After you are lucky enough to get through the toll booth, the 16 lanes reduce to 8.






Once in downtown and on the correct street for our hotel, the Marriott Marque, we were in the left lane and needed to be in the right lane because our hotel was ahead 400 feet on the right, so says Garmin. Luckily, or unluckily, depending how you look at it, there was some kind of demonstration going on which was blocking an intersection up ahead and traffic was once again at a dead stop for 15 minutes. That gave us the opportunity to ask the nice lady next to us in the right lane, if we could “butt” in front of her and she said yes. Thank you Mam!

We checked into the hotel and met Doe & Mel, then went to lunch at “Mel’s Diner” which was across the street. The food was not too bad.


Mel & I waiting to order

After lunch, Doe & Babs took a walk, Mel took a nap, and I fished up the last three days blogs. These are some of Babs photos of San Francisco.




My sister Dolores (Doe)




After Babs had returned and enjoyed her “Happy Hour”, we met Mel & Doe in the lobby to decide on a place for dinner. Because of it being Memorial Day weekend, the restaurants are almost all booked with dinner reservations. The hotel staff suggested two restaurants that had openings and we chose a Chinese restaurant called Fang. It was very crowded, noisy, and with slow service but I thought the food was good. Babs thought her Manhattan cocktail was good and that about sums it up!

Tomorrow we’re off to Redwood National Park.

Babs Says: If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair and bring money in your pockets.




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