2014 Western Road Trip Day 15, Monday May 19th

Today is a driving day with no planned stops. We are going to spend the night at Kingman, AZ. New Mexico is on daylight savings time and AZ is not and that means eight hours of actual driving time, a long day. We drove on interstates for about 5 of the eight hours of driving. The day is beautiful but starts out in the 90’s and reaches 100 in the afternoon. I had to stay within 5 mph of the speed limit because there seemed to be a Highway Patrol officer every five miles in AZ, all mostly practicing their trade! Because of the 100 degree temperature I had to really slow down and cut off the air for a brief period because my water temp pegged at the top of the gauge.

Entering Phoenix we decided to try to get a couple of photos of the Air Force aircraft storage yard. The U.S. stores thousands of aircraft at this facility, most of which can be ready to fly within days. Others are there to be cannibalized for parts, or like the B52 bombers, dismantled to comply with our nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia. There is literally every type of U.S. aircraft made stored there. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the road that would provide for a photo of fighter jets.


B52 and B47 bombers


Ci30 and C131 Turbo prop workhorses


Aircraft as far as you can see


WWII and Korean War aircraft being scrapped



We enjoyed a picnic lunch at a rest area in wonderful 100 degree heat.


Me again!

A highlight of the flora and fauna was the Saguaro Cacti, which were in bloom.





Saguaro in bloom



The Mountains are dotted with boulder fields give way to Joshua trees.




We rolled into Kingman, AZ at about 4:20 Pacific time and checked into a very nice SpringHill Suites. At the desk clerks suggestion we eat at the Kingman Company Steak House. I had a rib eye and Babs a fillet. Mine was incredible, and Babs said HERS WAS EXCEPTIONAL…can you believe it?


Tomorrow we enter California and go to the Caesar Chavez National Monument.

Babs Says: I feel like we’re in a chic, urban hotel room (modern furnishings, separate toilet and bathing rooms, walk-in closet, smoked glass partition, real glass glasses, individual high-beam reading lights, sectional sofa, etc.) until I look out the window and see Rt 66 and desert surrounded by rock mountains.



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