2014 Western Road Trip Day 11, Thursday May 15th

It seems like this trip is somewhat cursed. My hands drove me crazy with itch and pain, so much so that I wasn’t able to get to sleep until around 3:30 a.m. At 5 a.m. I was up, took a shower, woke Babs and said that I wanted to leave before breakfast to find an urgent care center. You really don’t appreciate the medical services we have until you travel. We drove through three towns and 100 miles before we found a clinic and it was a County clinic like I went to as a child in Homestead, FL. The doctor said I ‘m having a reaction to an organism that I picked up somewhere, probably Padre Island when I scooped up some of the freshly washed up seaweed to look at. At any rate, a shot in the arm later, and a prescription that I picked up here in El Paso, the swelling in my hands is way down but the itching is still driving me crazy. The doctor said to expect that for about another week before it works itself out of my system. At least Babs has finally quit asking me where my life insurance policies are. Although we did have one near miss when I almost started down a poorly marked “on” ramp and a truck exiting at a high speed had no intention of yielding even though I was back on the main roadway.

Today we have only one National Park stop, Fort Davis. However we had a beautiful ride along the Rio Grande river and neighboring Mexico. At times one could spit and hit Mexico. The road was Texas 170, a narrow, windy road with lots of interesting climbs and descents. It was a sensation like riding a roller coaster.


Texas 170 picnic area


Mexican mountains


Narrow lanes bordered by Rio Grande and rock




At places the Rio Grande isn’t 10 foot wide


Fort Davis was a Fort built 1854 to protect the settlers heading west on the San Antonio/ El Paso road. The fort was named after Jefferson Davis. It was alternately held and abandoned by Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War. At its height of occupation it had over 100 structures and quarters for over 400 soldiers. The Famous Buffalo soldiers black infantry unit was represented with four companies. We ate a picnic in the sun before we went into the visitors center.





Soldiers Barack’s


Commanders house (original)


Footprints of original buildings

The trip from Fort Davis to El Paso was over roads that were relatively bland compared to those which we had traveled over the last few days.


Mac Donald Observatory

We got into El Paso right at their rush hour but was nothing compared with DC.

Tonight we are at a Comfort Suites and ate Papa Johns pizza in the room. Tomorrow we will visit a National Park located in downtown El Paso, pick up the rest of my prescriptions, and head to Carlsbad, NM and the caverns.

Yesterday Babs took these sunset photos and this mornings still full moon.







And we didn’t even know he was in the business.

Babs Says: Says nothing.


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