2014 Western Road Trip Day 9, Tuesday May 13th

When we went to bed last night it was 89 degrees. During the night there was a big storm, so Babs says, and when we woke up it was 60 degrees. After eating breakfast,and going to Walmart for supplies, we drove to our first stop of the day. It was only a fifteen minute drive to the visitors center for the Amistad National Recreation Area with its center piece being a reservoir created by damning the Pecos river. This was a joint project between Mexico and the U.S. who jointly share the lake. As you will see a severe drought has caused the water level to  drop  41 feet leaving some boat ramps 12 or more feet off the ground.



Boat ramp to nowhere


Just past the Amistad National Recreation Area we crossed the Pecos River which was damned to create the lake. We stopped at a rest area to take a photo. The wind was blowing up a gale and it was 58 degrees.



Our second stop was at the Judge Roy Bean visitors center which we noticed on a sign while heading to Big Bend National Park. The site has his original bar, where he held court, and billiards room, which is empty of furnishings. The bar and billiards room sit on the same spot as when Judge Bean was alive. There was also a cacti garden with an original windmill.



Judge Bean’s bar where he held court


Inside the bar



Judge Bean’s billiard table legs




The “gateway” town to Big Bend is a town named Marathon. While looking for a place to fill up with gasoline we saw the historic Gage Hotel (why it’s famous I have no idea) and the not so famous, Eves Garden Organic Bed and Breakfast.


The Gage Hotel



Adding rooms


After filling up with gas, $3.99 a gallon, we proceeded to Big Bend National Park with a brief stop for a picnic at a roadside table in the middle of nowhere, Babs ate  in the car because it was 58 degrees.


We checked into or room at the Chisos Mountain Lodge and then decided to see what there  was to see. WE drove east to Rio Grande Village with several stops going to and from.


The Rio Grande overlook where you couldn’t see the Rio Grande


I was there too


Boquillas Canyon overlook, where you can see the Rio Grande


The Rio Grande is so shallow you can wade across with no problem


Mexicans wade across to sell their crafts by laying them out with a money jar for payment


The road to the hot springs was one lane barely wide enough for one car. The drop is about 300 feet.



Boquillas Border crossing. You can wade or pay for a ferry to take you across. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays only


You could crawl under it

Dinner tonight was at the restaurant here. We both had precooked, frozen country fried steak which may just have been the best meal of the trip so far!

Tomorrow we’ll continue exploring Big Bend.

Babs Says: I don’t think of myself as a food snob(or maybe just a little), but so far this has been the worst food trip ever.


One thought on “2014 Western Road Trip Day 9, Tuesday May 13th

  1. Judy says:

    Babs, you are not a food snob, but after eating your good food, almost anything else would not be up to your standards! You are such a good cook! And, I know you like cold weather, but you look like you are freezing!!! 🙂

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