2014 Western Road Trip Day 7, Sunday May 11th

Today I slept in later because it was after 11:30 p.m. before I finished my blog post and go into bed. The internet connection was so poor in our room that I had to go down to the lobby to do my blog entry. The connection was still very slow. We pulled out of the hotel for old downtown Brownsville about 9 a.m.  What’s in Old Brownsville you ask? The U.S. / Mexican border crossing and little else worth mentioning.



U.S. / Mexico border crossing


Beautiful downtown Old Brownsville

Around 9:45 a.m., after stopping at Walmart for sunglasses, Sam’s Club for gas, and an Exxon station for a badly needed car wash,  we began heading for San Antonio. The ride to San Antonio is about a five-hour drive and the only stop we made was for a “Whataburger” hamburger that was pretty good. That’s not to say that we had a choice because we had not passed a food place for 50 miles. Of course today when we had no picnic supplies, there were rest areas with picnic tables at every little burg.

Our first stop in San Antonio was the San Jose’ Mission which is part of the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park. There are four missions that are part of the historical park: Concepcion, San Jose, San Juan Capistrano, and Espada.

The San Jose’ Mission was founded in 1720 by a priest, Fray Antonio Margil de Jesus. It was 98 degrees so I elected to watch the 30 minute film while Babs explored the grounds which included the mission church as well as the ruins of the priests and Indian quarters for those Texas Indians that had converted to Catholicism.



Statue of St. Francis


Buildings where the Indians lived


The mission church walls were originally all painted.


Called the “Rose Window” because of the carving around the window.


San Jose’ Mission church



View of the church from the grounds


Church altar and sacristy


Mission gate


We left the visitors center for our hotel for the night, Drury Inns & Suites. We went around the block three times before we finally found the entrance for the hotel parking. After parking the car and checking into our room, we headed out for the Alamo. We worked up a sweat during the five (long) city block walk in the 98 degree heat. At least there was a mild breeze blowing which did help a little.

The Alamo is located in the middle of downtown San Antonio. The church is still in tact and in pretty good condition. Most of the original perimeter walls are no longer there. The church houses exhibits relating to the battle where Davie Crockett, Jim Bowie,  and Travis died. The remaining grounds are adorned with trees and large old flowering cacti.


Resting ion plaza across from the Alamo


Front of the Alamo



Alamo grounds and back wall


Part of original perimeter wall


Flowering cacti

We decided to take the “River Walk” back to our hotel. The “River Walk” appears to be man-made and is flanked by every sort of dining establishment one could wish for.


Batman would pose for tips


Stair step fountain


The “river” of River walk


Another waterfall fountain



We had “happy hour”, Babs had a couple of glasses of Cabernet and I had a Virgin Mary. After “happy hour” we had Babs Mother’s Day dinner at the restaurant located in the hotel, the Texas Land and Cattle Company. Not a good choice, steaks were perfectly cook but flavorless and the baked potatoes luke warm at best.


If you are reading this blog and didn’t call your mother today, she won’t ever let you forget it!

Tomorrow we visit the Johnson Ranch and drive to Del Rio, TX.

Babs Says: Happy Mothers Day to all mothers (and mothers to be)






3 thoughts on “2014 Western Road Trip Day 7, Sunday May 11th

  1. Judy says:

    These are great pictures! Hope you are having fun and I sure do appreciate your blog! I know it is a lot of work. Thanks! And hope you had a happy Mother’s day, Babs, and everyone called!!! 🙂

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