2014 Western Road Trip Day 5, Friday May 9th

In yesterdays blog post I forgot to mention one place that we passed through on the way to Big Thicket. We went through Leesville, LA, home of Ft. Polk (pronounced PUKE). That is where I spent six of the most miserable days of my life while in Army basic training in 1966.  I had an ‘a- hole’ of a captain as a company commander who ran us everywhere every day. I came to Ft. Polk weighing 199 lbs. and left weighing 165.lbs.

I also want to clarify a post from Day 2 concerning the Poverty Point prehistoric Indians. I had stated that they were there in 3000BC. What I should have said is that  they lived there around 1400BC, 3000 years before today.

Now, back to the present! I’m beginning to feel like Calamity Jane. It seems like every day starts with a challenge. This morning I stepped into the tub to take a shower and noticed that they had a European style dispenser on the wall for soap, shampoo, and conditioner. I went to turn on the water and the conditioner container fell from the wall, causing a minor cut on my ankle, and broke in the bottom of the tub.

After a nice breakfast at our Drury Inn we headed toward Corpus Christi, TX in a light drizzle like mist and overcast sky with a ray of sun busting in now and then. In thirty minutes or so the mist gave way to full scale rain.


The terrain is very flat and painted with crops and dotted with oil wells, and refineries here and there. We even saw one ethanol refinery.


Oil refinery

To get to Padre Island, we needed to take a ferry which the state of Texas operates and is free of charge. We hit the timing just right and didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes.



On the ferry, on the move

On the way to our hotel we passed an old light house that was relocated to a visitors center.



By the time we arrived in Padre Island and our Comfort Inn & Suites, it was pouring down rain.


What the Gulf of Mexico looks like through rain and a filthy hotel window.

We ate a picnic lunch in the room and decided that we would use the rain as an excuse to do some laundry. After eating lunch, I gathered up our dirty laundry and headed to the guest laundry. Once there I found two washing machines, both of which were “out of Order”. I went to the front desk and they said that I could take my laundry next door (about 50 yards) and do it there. So away I go in the pouring rain to wash our clothes next door where they also own the property. I brought the wet clothes back here to dry in the guest laundry here where at least the dryers work.

Here I am working hard at my blog!


Thanks to Babs for perfectly catching me at my widest angle!

We had dinner at a seafood bar/ restaurant called Scuttlebutt’s. The place was packed, mostly with21-30 year old’s mixed with a few families. The decor was interesting and the food mediocre. We had fried dill pickle chips and fried clams as appetizers which were good, as was Babs Manhattan. Our fried shrimp and fried oyster baskets went downhill from there. There was an entertainer named Robert Brown (like Babs dad) who was pretty good on the electric keyboard.


Over the bar

Babs Says: When a blue haired girl makes a recommendation it would be wise to think twice.


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