2014 Western Road Trip Day 2, Tuesday May 6th

Upon checking out of the Quality Inn & Suites, our second crisis of the trip, Babs forgetting to pack lipstick, was remedied by a trip to the local Walgreen’s Drug store. Babs said that the sales lady was very friendly, even trying to find Babs coupons for her purchase and used another lady’s Walgreen’s card so that Babs received the “special” pricing. Gotta love those Tennesseans!

Our first destination for a National Parks stamp was Obed Scenic River. The visitors center was staffed with a substitute Ranger who was from a different area and knew little about the site because the regular rangers were getting their climbing certification in the park. We had to show her where the “stamp” was located. However, she could show us the roads to take through the park to best view the Obed river. It was a beautiful area and would be great if we were 20 or 30 some years old and could try kayaking down the rapids or doing some serious rock climbing.


Babs outside of visitors center


Babs at Libby Point on the Obed river


Obed river

The road leaving the Obed area wasn’t much more than a rolled rock cow’s trail but very beautiful.




It was a beautiful 89 degree day so we enjoyed a picnic lunch at a rest area.


Art in rest area


This little piggy went to picnic

Our last National Park stop is Stones River National Battlefield. This was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the civil war with 25,000 of northern and confederate soldiers killed and countless others wounded. The union soldiers prevailed and the victory was a key factor in Lincoln’s ability to bolster foreign support for the Union.


Babs at visitor center


Plaque thanking Al Gore Sr., father of the inventor of the internet.


Babs with museum display


National Cemetery, unknown soldiers graves are marked by short pillars that are numbered


The park grounds host the oldest standing civil war memorial which was erected shortly after the battle  (1862/63) to honor Union soldiers  killed in the battle at a site known as “hells half acre” the bloodiest spot of the battle.


Oldest surviving original civil war monument


Oldest surviving Orifici Vietnam War veteran with oldest surviving Civil War monument


Dinner tonight, another buffet, Barnshill Buffet. It had lots of selections, hot & cold, both cold for the most part. Pretty soon I’ll be into bed because I picked up a dry cough today which I think is a prelude to a cold. Seems like an instant replay of the 2013 Western Road Trip!

Babs Says: Vonnegut got it right when he said, “In this world, you get what you pay for.” …And if anyone is wondering about the need for lipstick-my Moma was right when she told me it would fade my natural lip color as I age. Now my lips just fade into skin.


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