2014 Western Road Trip Day 1, Monday May 5thh

Well, all of our trips are usually a series of adventures and surprises. Today’s start was no different. The first thing we did was fill up with gas. Upon departing the gas station, I was trying to make a right turn and had crossed over the side walk. While I was watching the traffic to my left a young lady coming from the right decided to walk into the street in front of me in order to pass me. I didn’t see her and rolled forward “bumping” her, fortunately not hard enough to knock her down. It scared the hell out of both of us! I asked if she was okay and she said “no worry” and waved me on. That was 9 a.m.

We headed to the Washington beltway (I495) around to I66 and headed west. Traffic was miserable and what would have normally taken 30 minutes of time to Manassas, VA took us 2 hours. From Manassas to I81 south was a smooth ride. We planned to picnic so we made a stop at the Route 11 potato chip factory to buy some freshly cooked potato chips……Yum!



Home of the famous Route 11 Potato Chip!


Babs and Route 11 Potato Chip Boy


Posters of Route 11 Potato Chip Bags

If you are ever in the area, an old wooden covered bridge, the Route 11 Potato Chip Factory, and the Shenandoah Caverns (which has over 40 “Rose Parade” floats on the grounds) are all within a half mile of each other. It makes for a good day trip!

After leaving the Route 11 potato chip factory we rode down I81 through Virginia into Tennessee. It was a stressful ride in and out of rain all the way. The biggest problem for me is not using cruise control in the rain because I lose track of my speed at times. We put up in the Comfort Suites in Morristown, TN. Dinner at Golden Corral, write in the blog, and off to bed for me.

Babs Says: We’re off to an interesting start.











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