2013 Western Road Trip Day 28, June 26th

This morning we were on the road by 8:15 am, mostly due to a lousy breakfast buffet at the Hilton Garden Inn where we spent last night. Everything was way over cooked because of sitting in steam trays  for too long. So we just ate oatmeal which was also over cooked but edible after adding milk.

After telling the front desk how bad I thought their hotel was, we headed to Chickasaw National Recreation Area, about an hour and a half south of our hotel at Norman, OK. Unfortunately the nature center where Babs would get her book stamped was closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays due to the “sequester”. A friendly maintenance worker directed us to headquarters “where they may have a stamp”. We drove over to the headquarters and met a ranger who was just leaving. His name was Ron Parker and he was nice enough to have us follow him over to the nature center where he took Babs book and stamped it for her. Talk about going above and beyond! We waited at an area of the recreation area called “Little Niagara Falls” where you could swim in the pure, cold  spring fed water.

Creek  water ford

Creek water ford


"Little Niagara Falls"

“Little Niagara Falls”

Kids swimming at Little Niagara

Kids swimming at Little Niagara

Other than that stop it was just hard driving through construction zone after construction zone with thousands of tractor trailer rigs for company. We had a little excitement when the double trailer UPS truck blew a rear trailer tire and a quarter of the tread flew over our car just missing our windshield! The only interesting thing of note the entire boring route was the South Canadian River which is blood red from the red clay.

This river was very wide andran for miles along the highway

This river was very wide and ran for miles along the highway

Tonight we are in Forest City, AR in a very nice Comfort Suites. Tomorrow, more driving starting the day with rush hour in Memphis, TN.

Babs Says: The right side is sometimes the wrong side.


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