2013 Western Road Trip Day 23, June 21st

Another beautiful day! After having dinner at the restaurant attached to our Best Western motel, we decided that for the sake of or stomachs and wallet we’d just head down the road. That proved to be a good decision because we ended up eight miles down the road at the Capital Reef motel and cafe.

Capital Reef Cafe

Capital Reef Cafe


Babs and I both ordered huevos rancheros which were the best that I have ever had! After that great breakfast, we headed toward today’s only scheduled stop, the Great Basin National Monument.

During breakfast I asked Babs if she had taken my diabetes injection out of the refrigerator in last nights room. We said that we would check the cooler before leaving the restaurant. Being the absentminded person that I am we forgot until we were down the road a bit. When I got the chance, I pulled off of the road and Babs got out, opened the cargo door and the medicine was in the cooler. Unfortunately, I forgot to hit the close button for the cargo door and took off, throwing the cooler out of the open door and onto the middle of the road. A car was coming but missed the cooler. We doubled back, picked up the cooler and continued on our way.

Our route took us through mountainous desert and desert turned farmland through the miracle of irrigation.


Desert plateaus



Driving over high desert pass

Dry lake bed

Dry lake bed

Road in the middle of no where is repaved while our roads in MD look as if we were in a third world country!

Road in the middle of no where is repaved while our roads in MD look as if we were in a third world country!

Desert beauty

Desert beauty, haze is from fires in other part of UT


Nothing as far as one can see

When we arrived at Great Basin we looked around the visitors center and then took a short ride around the monument before having a picnic lunch.





Bristle cone pine trees are said to be the oldest living thing on earth. Although we couldn’t find one, the Great Basin National Monument counts bristle cone pine trees as one of the trees in the monument.

The road out of the monument goes through private property. Many of the owners decorate their entrance with weird decorations. Here are a couple of the more curious ones.


Alien gate minder


Buried mans legs and cross gate tender


More nothing, all the way to Cedar City

Our hotel is 103 miles from the monument in Cedar City, UT so we had a long drive through high desert after our sightseeing. Tonight we are at the Town and Country Best Western Plus. Tomorrow, we move on to Las Vegas.

Babs Says: Everyone deserves times of solitude, but how do these desert dwellers live 100s of miles from anyone else and keep sane?


One thought on “2013 Western Road Trip Day 23, June 21st

  1. are u guys getting bored yet? WOW, today is the 23rd, that’s 25 days on the road. cya when u get back. Beach is great, weather very warm. All is good.
    Nick & Nancy

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