2013 Western Road Trip Day 22, June 20th

92 degrees, we definitely aren’t in Yellowstone National Park any more. After a great breakfast in Grand Junction, we said our good byes to Cris and Jerry.

Good Bye Photo

Good Bye Photo

Today we headed in a backward “Z”, west, then south, and then back west to Natural Bridges National Monument so that Babs can retrieve a National Park Stamp for her Passport Book. We have been here before but she didn’t get her book stamped, so here we go. At least there is no road construction. Driving into Moab, UT there is some magnificent red rock cliffs.

We finally arrive at Natural Bridges and get Babs book stamped.


As quickly as we arrive, we are on our way to Capital Reef National Park. We couldn’t find a fast food restaurant, so we stopped at a grocery store and bought fried chicken and Cole slaw for lunch. As luck would have it, we couldn’t find a picnic area, so we ended up pulling off the road and eating at the car. Soon after lunch we crossed this gorge and had to turn around and get a photo which I’m sure will not do it justice.




The route took us through the Glen Canyon National Recreation area which offers some great scenic views.

Cheese Box Butte

Cheese Box Butte



Jacobs Chair

Jacobs Chair

A long way to nowhere

We arrived at Capital Reef National Park at around 4:30 pm. In addition to its great, and often unique, scenery it is home to a historic Mormon settlement.


Colorful mountains

Colorful mountains


Babs in hole in the cliff

Babs in hole in the cliff



Pioneer house

Mormon Pioneer house


Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks

The park is home to a large number of apricot groves. In the late summer, you can pick your own apricots for free.

Tonight we will stay at a Best Western in Torrey, UT. It’s not the best that we have stayed in, but it does have a balcony with a nice view.

View from our balcony

View from our balcony

Tomorrow, we head for the Great basin national Park.

Babs Says: Did the best team win?


3 thoughts on “2013 Western Road Trip Day 22, June 20th

  1. Lisa O says:

    No momma, the best team did not win!!! Where did you guys eat breakfast in Grand Junction, the same place we did last year? Weiss you terribly, come home soon!!!

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