2013 Western Road Trip Day 20, June 18th

We were on the road by 6:15 am which was both a good and bad thing. Good because we were on the road early, bad because nothing was open to get coffee. The scenery leaving Yellowstone and driving toward Grand Teton National Park is spectacular.

Teton mountains

Teton mountains



Can you see the hot air balloon?

Can you see the hot air balloon?

After leaving Grand Teton Park we spotted this herd of Buffalo.

Buffalo herd

Buffalo herd

Babs also snapped this “real cowboy” driving his cattle.

Cowboy herding cattle

Cowboy herding cattle

We finally got breakfast at the Virginian, and it was really a great breakfast. It was actually worth the wait.

after breakfast we set out for Utah and Timpanogos Cave National Monument at American Fork, UT. On the way we passed through Afton, WY which had this unusual arch.


The terrain on the way varied from farm land, to mountains, and marshland. In the marsh land Babs spotted this cow moose.

Moose in marsh

Moose in marsh

It’s amazing how much the terrain changes on the way to the cave. We traveled what must have once been a cow path. We were in WY, then ID, then WY, then UT, then WY, and finally UT.





We finally made it to Timpanogos Cave where we only were able to watch the 18 minute film because the cave tours were by appointment and sold out. The cave is a series of 3 caves joined by man made tunnels. The cave tour was a mile and a half long and required 3 hours to complete including the climb and decent from the cave.



I would recommend this tour if you are younger and/ or in good shape, I am neither. The film really illustrated the beauty within the caves.

Tomorrow we will be with or friends near Grand Junction, CO Cris and Jerry Zerr.

Babs Says: On the road again.


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