2013 Western Road Trip Day 19, June 17th

Another beautiful day! We had breakfast at the Park Cafe in Gardiner where we listened to a poor Japanese tourist make the mistake of engaging in conversation with a crazy old man while eating her breakfast. I know she was sorry she ever answered his initial greeting! Shortly after breakfast we gassed up and headed south to Old Faithful. We stopped at a lot of pull outs but didn’t spot any wildlife. Our first sight seeing stop was Gibbon Falls.

Gibbon Falls, so named because it's on the Giggon river.

Gibbon Falls, so named because it’s on the Gibbon river.


Our next stop was the Norris Geyser Basin where Babs snapped these shots of the lower basin and Steamboat Geyser.

Lower Norris basin

Lower Norris basin

Steamboat Geyser erupting

Steamboat Geyser erupting

Crystalline Pool

Emerald Spring

Babs and Denny took a hike around Fountain Paint Pots where minerals and mud mixed with steam bubbles to the surface.

Celestine Pool

Celestine Pool


Paint Pot

Paint Pot


We left the Fountain Paint Pots for Old Faithful. On the way there we spotted these two bull elks.

Big bull elk

Big bull elk

We arrived at Old Faithful around 2 pm and decided to eat lunch at the cafeteria. That turned out to be a good decision because about the time that we finished eating, Old Faithful had a long, beautiful eruption.





We left Old Faithful and headed to Coulter Bay where we were meeting Denny’s brother Joe and his wife Nancy and spending the night. We met Joe and Nancy and then checked into our cabin.

Our cabin

Our cabin


Before dinner went to Joe and Nancy cabin and had a cocktail. We took a beginning photo when we left Fort Collins, so Joe snapped this Ending photo of Denny, Jane, Babs and I.


After dinner, we said our “goodbyes” and Babs and I headed back to our cabin because we were having an early start tomorrow.

Tomorrow we head to Utah for another National Monument for Babs collection.

Babs Says: In January it was a winter wonderland. In June it is a summer wonderland.


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