2013 Western Road Trip Day 16, June 14th

Today started off with a frenzied hunt for our camera which we eventually found at the front desk lost and found. We had left it in the restaurant last night after a slight case of over imbibing.


After finding the camera, Babs stepped onto the patio and was face to face with these two deer.

Babs new friends

Babs new friends

We finally got under way and headed into the main part of town in search of breakfast. We ended up at the Coffee Cafe where we had a delicious breakfast. Denny and Jane had Belgium waffles, Babs had a breakfast wrap, and I had a breakfast sandwich.

After breakfast we headed toward Glacier National Park and Apgar Village where we will spend the night. A guy at last night’s lodging told us that we could see wildlife at Hungry Horse Dam so we made a side trip there. The dam was built in 1953 to keep the towns downstream from annual floods.  The dam holds 1.3trillion gallons of water, so the sign said.

Hungry Horse Dam

Hungry Horse Dam

This is the "glory hole" used to quickly reduce high water behind the dam. Hungry Horse is only one of five dams in the US that have a glory hole.

This is the “glory hole” used to quickly reduce high water behind the dam. Hungry Horse is only one of five dams in the US that have a glory hole.

This sign was posted at the beginning of the road.


We took a ride up the west side of the dam in search of wild life but only saw this single Osprey and nest.



Even considering the rain it was a pretty ride none the less. Here are a few photos we snapped of the reservoir



It was only a short 16 mile drive to Apgar Village, which is inside the park, from Hungry Horse. At the parks entry gate we found out that one of the main scenic parts of the park, the Going to the Sun Road, was closed to traffic. We checked into our rooms and then headed to the Lake McDonald Lodge for lunch. The Lake McDonald Lodge is a magnificent log structure with large fireplaces and animal trophies hanging everywhere.

Lake McDonald Lodge

Lake McDonald Lodge

Inside of Great Room

Inside of Great Room

Unique Chandeliers

Unique Chandelier

After lunch we rode as far as we could up the Going to the Sun Road to a spot called Avalanche where we had to turn around. On the way there we spotted this waterfall and stopped for a photo opportunity.


We then returned to our motel rooms where Denny went to bed, Babs walked around Apgar Village, and I worked on my blog as much as I could considering that I had no internet.

The rain cleared up so after we finished dinner we took a ride down Fish creek road which runs through the burned out are on the northern side of Lake McDonald which is where our motel host said that we would most likely see wildlife. About five miles in we spotted this brown bear that looked to be at least a couple of hundred pounds in weight.

Large Brown Bear

Large Brown Bear


We went to the end of the road without any other wildlife sightings and turned around. On the way back, Babs sighted this buck mule deer.


Maybe tomorrow when we head for the east side of the park the weather will be nicer and everyone will be feeling better.

Babs Says: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my! No lions, no tigers, but one big Bear!


One thought on “2013 Western Road Trip Day 16, June 14th

  1. Mary O'Haver says:

    If you head east in GNP, check out Clacier Park Lodge if you have time . That is where we have reservations in August. Glad to see that you saw bears. Hope we are as lucky. Thanks for the heads up. We will not take our cameras when we go to dinner!
    Bye for now, love, Mary

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