2013 Western Road Trip, Day 4, June 2nd

We got another early start so that we could travel a good part of the way on the historic Lincoln Highway, US Route 30 in Nebraska. First we stopped for breakfast at Sapps coffee shop, a western chain with a giant coffee pot as its trademark sign.

Giant Coffee Pot

Giant Coffee Pot

The Lincoln Highway begins at Times Square in New York City , it was the nations first transcontinental automobile highway ending in Lincoln Park in San Francisco, California. It is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary this year. 2,400 concrete red, white, and blue markers were laid by boy Scouts marking parts of the highway in 1912. We had seen the markers on previous occasions, but none were to be seen this trip. Its only markings were metal signs.


Lincoln Highway Marker

The ride is scenic with corn silos, ethanol plants, and trains dotting the landscape.

Lincoln Highway Out House

Lincoln Highway Out House


Corn Silos at Ethanol Plant

Corn Silos at Ethanol Plant

Ethanol Still

Ethanol Still

When we set out from Council Bluffs, IA, we we finally in bright sun but a brisk 59 degrees. We were only briefly in Iowa before entering Nebraska at Omaha. Once out of Omaha city limits you are in farm land. Most of Nebraska is rolling to flat farm land and livestock feed lots. There are hundreds, maybe a thousand, steers in any feed lot. I wanted to stop and take a picture, but the stench emanating for miles around them is enough to make you wretch therefore, you’ll have to use your imagination! Maybe there’s something to this vegetarian stuff.

Before heading to the lone sightseeing stop in Nebraska, the Golden Spike Tower in North Platte, Nebraska we stopped at the Buffalo Bill Cody, Ft. Cody Trading Post. It is a genuine tourist trap. We only stopped there to buy post cards to send to our grandchildren, Vita & Luca. Babs went in to buy post cards, I documented the auspicious event.

Ft. Cody Trading Post

Ft. Cody Trading Post

Guenuine Tourist Trap

Genuine Tourist Trap

The Golden Spike Tower is about eight stories tall and sits adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad train yard.

Golden Spike Tower

Golden Spike Tower

It gives you an incredible panoramic view of the 8 mile long, close to 3,000 acre railroad yard, the worlds largest. 10,000 rail cars are handled each day.


Union Pacific Rail Yard

Union Pacific Rail Yard

Union Pacifif Railroad Yard

Union Pacific Railroad Yard

There are also two huge locomotive rebuilding plants adjacent to the yard. One is operated by General Electric and one by General Motors.

GE Locomotive Rebuilding Facility

The tower observation deck is staffed by retired Union Pacific volunteers who are both interesting and knowledgeable.

Gas in Nebraska was the highest price of the trip so far at $3.99 a gallon.

We left North Platte and headed west ending our day late in the evening at Cheyenne, Wyoming where we put up at a Comfort Inn. Tomorrow, we head down I-25 to join up with Denny & Jane at Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Babs says:  Every time we cross the Great Plains I am in awe of the western pioneers.


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